Pipes for mills and feed plants.

10/10 - 15/10 stove enamelled pipes for mills

1:  2 mts. pipes Ø 105/ 120/ 150/ 200/ 250/ 300mm.

2:   Elbow segments straight flange rings, taper flange rings, coupling rings..

3:   2-way 30º, 45º, 60º and 3-way couplings.

4:   Inspection pipes with plug: Ø from 105 to 300mm.
         Inspection pipes with hatch: Ø from 105 to 150mm..

5:   Hoppers of various squares and tilts, in various diameters.

6:   Screw valves with 2 hatch inspection openings: Ø 105/120/150mm.

7:   Glass bells: Ø from 105 to 200mm.

8:   Facultative 2-way valves with securing screw sector, symmetrical and at 45º: Ø 105/120/150mm.

9:   Reduction units, nozzles and items for all requirements.