TRS Recoil brake

This mechanism has been specially designed as an anti-return brake and should not be used in any other field, except after prior consultation.

The reaction arm has an elongated hole and does not require precision in the bolt housed. It is very important not to screw the arm of the element to the machine. It should be totally free in the axial direction.

Reference Dimensions (mm.) Axis cotter holePAR (mkg.)RPM max
TRS-252516210015481121021837458 x 3,365250
TRS-303016210015481121021837458 x 3,365250
TRS-3535162100154811210218374510 x 3,365250
TRS-4040185125165212211218376012 x 3,3160200
TRS-4545185125165212211218376014 x 3,8160200
TRS-5050185125165212211218376014 x 3,9160200
TRS-5555250170205416514822477516 x 4,4200180
TRS-6060250170205416514822477518 x 4,4200180
TRS-7070250170205416514822477520 x 4,9200180
TRS-80803152003080215190407010022 x 5,4320150
TRS-90903152003080215190407010025 x 5,7320150
TRS-1001003602403080240215457512028 x 6,4400100


The drawing shows the most usual way to mount the type TRS recoil brake, which is the best model for all types of elevator.

This element should be mounted on a low speed axle. The unit is delivered lubricated for start-up.

It also has a grease nipple for periodical lubrication.