We offer a wide range of bolts and cramp irons to ensure a secure and reliable installation of buckets and the joining of conveyor belts in lifting systems.

Elevator bolts according to DIN 15237 for buckets: We provide galvanized or stainless-steel elevator bolts that meet the necessary standards of quality and strength to ensure a secure mounting of the buckets on the elevator belts. Our range of fasteners includes bolts, washers, and nuts. For specific metrics and available options, please refer to our catalog, where you will find detailed information about the products.

Joining cramp irons for belts: We have them available in two series: light-duty series and heavy-duty series. These cramps are essential for maintaining the integrity of the conveyor belts and ensuring a strong and durable joint. The light-duty series and heavy-duty series offer suitable options for different applications and requirements. We recommend consulting our catalog for detailed information on the features and specifications of each series of cramps.

Our elevator bolts and cramps are designed and manufactured to the highest standards to ensure optimal performance in industrial environments.

For more information on our options for cramps and elevator bolts, please refer to our catalog, where you will find all the technical specifications and relevant details for each product.