We offer a wide range of sprockets for chains designed to meet different standards and specific requirements. The available options are as follows:


Driving Sprockets: These sprockets are designed to function as a driving wheel in chain systems that follow the DIN 8165/8167 standards. They provide the necessary power to drive the chain and efficiently transport materials.

Idler Sprockets: Idler sprockets are used in chain systems to guide and redirect the chain in different directions. They are especially useful in transportation systems that require changes in direction or in configurations with multiple chains.


Driving Sprockets: These sprockets are specifically designed for forged chains. They serve as the driving part of the chain system and are used to transmit the power and force required for material transport.

Detachable Driving Sprockets: Detachable driving sprockets are characterized by their easy installation and removal. They are ideal for applications where quick and easy access to the chain and sprocket is required, such as maintenance or replacement tasks.

Our chain sprockets are manufactured with high-quality materials and under rigorous standards to ensure their strength and durability. They are designed to provide reliable performance and a long service life in a variety of industrial applications.