The role of chain transport is crucial in material handling and transportation systems. Our chains are designed to meet the specific needs of various industrial applications. Here are some of our available chains:

The DIN 8165 Redler scraper chain is a reliable and robust option for bulk material transport. It is designed with sturdy scrapers that ensure smooth and efficient movement of the material throughout the system. This chain complies with DIN 8165 standards and offers excellent durability and service life.

The DIN 8167 Redler scraper chain is another high-quality option for bulk material transport. This chain is designed to withstand demanding working conditions and provides exceptional resistance to abrasion and wear. It meets DIN 8167 standards and delivers reliable and durable performance.

The Standard R1 forged chain is a versatile and robust choice for a wide range of industrial applications. This chain is manufactured through a forging process that ensures a solid structure and high strength. Its standard design makes it suitable for various material handling and transport applications.

Our forged chain with nylon scrapers offers a specialized solution for applications that require smooth and delicate material handling. The nylon scrapers reduce the risk of damage or scratching to the transported products. This forged chain with nylon scrapers provides high strength and durability, ensuring efficient and safe transportation.

The laminated nylon scraper chain is another option for applications that require careful handling of materials. The laminated nylon scrapers offer a smooth and gentle surface, preventing damage or marks on the transported products. This chain provides excellent strength and reliable performance.

We ensure to provide high-quality chains that meet the industry's most demanding standards. Our variety of options allows us to adapt to the specific needs of each customer and guarantee efficient and safe material transport.